Maggie Choos Background pattern image

The Story

Maggie Choo was a young orphan girl from Shanghai who dreamt of wonders that only the bold dared to dream. She was eager to become self-made at her fingertips without the prejudice of cards dealt in life. Her curiosity and desires unveiled a life of gamble. Always betting big, and she most certainly on herself. Despite losing her parents tragically in the 1940s and having nothing but the family’s antique shop left to her, she refused to let the harsh realities of life get the best of her.

Driven by her dream, she turned an old 19th century English bank hidden behind her antique shop into a cabaret and bar, where her guests could escape their worries and indulge in premium service and entertainment. With few substantial contacts and her imminent instinct, her establishment became the talk of the town during the post World War II depression prohibition era. This iconic venue soon became a haven for the high society and world-class entertainers, offering an unprecedented experience. Though the whereabouts of Maggie Choo remains a mystery, her aspirations and dreams still breathe through the establishment.